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Center for Fundamental Rights

About us

The Budapest-based Center for Fundamental Rights (Alapjogokért Központ) is a Hungarian research institute dealing with legal analysis since 2013. The Center considers preserving national identity, sovereignty and Christian social traditions as its mission, especially amongst the 21st century’s heightened process of globalization, integration, geopolitical and technological changes, affecting the field of law as well. Besides these, it is a well-known aim of the Center to form a counter against today’s overgrown human rights-fundamentalism and political correctness that have been affecting numerous aspects of our everyday life. The research fields cover a wide scale of branches of law that are subject of public interest, from questions of classic constitutional law, through electoral systems to EU-law. It’s a common goal in all our different analyses and papers to find a healthy balance between individual rights and the interest of the society, while standing on the ground of common sense. Scientific activity is part of our daily life, various books and articles are published on a regular basis. Furthermore, it is to foster the development of individual talent. The Center employs nearly 20 employees

Our Team




34 years of age, lawyer, the director of the Center for Fundamental Rights, Hungary. He has been a member of the board of the Center European Press and Media Foundation since 2018 and chairman of the board since 2019. He is the author of numerous Hungarian and foreign language legal and political publications, co-author and co-editor of various books. Married and the father of a daughter

Kovács István


strategic director

34 years of age, a lawyer, strategic director of the Center for Fundamental Rights. He specializes in European Union law, the “constitutional rules” of the EU. Formerly a scholarship holder of the European Parliament and the US Government. Author, co-author of countless legal and political articles, studies and books. Married, father of a daughter.

Törcsi Péter


research director

35 years of age, a lawyer, research director of the Center for Fundamental Rights. He regularly publishes in law ad political journal in Hungarian and English, is a frequent guest on television and radio programs, and is a co-author and co-editor of several books. 

Panyi Miklós

Miklós PANYI

Deputy Director

Miklós PANYI– lawyer, (ELTE), MA. in international relations and national studies (CEU), Deputy Director Responsible for International Affairs for the Center for Fundamental Rights. He spent a year in the United States on a HAESF. scholarship. Worked in the Hungarian National Assembly. He was the Hungarian Press Relations Advisor for the EPP faction in the European Parliament for five years. He led the Foreign Relations Department at MVM. His primary research fields are the operation of the European Union and regional politics.

Pócza István

István PÓCZA

Senior Analyst

István PÓCZA. Expert of international affairs. Lead Analyst at the Center for Fundamental Rights. He earned his BSc. and MSc. degrees in European Studies at the Institute of Political and International Studies at the Budapest based ELTE University. From 2015 to 2016 he worked at the Migration Research Institute. Beyond that, until November 2018, he worked at Századvég Foundation first as a research fellow, then as a senior research fellow. As an expert on foreign relations, he focuses primarily on European politics and especially Austria and Germany.

Fricz Tamás


senior research fellow

Tamás FRICZ. Political scientist PhD., economist and philosopher. Senior research fellow at the Center for Fundamental Rights. Associate Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He is the author of 15 books and about 100 studies.

Párkányi Eszti



Eszter PÁRKÁNYI. Lawyer. Analyst at the Center for Fundamental Rights. She studied at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the Budapest based ELTE University. As a student she worked as an intern at the European Parliament. Her fields of expertise include the political and legal developments of the EU, Brexit and life protection.

Gulyás Dóra


Press Officer

Dóra GULYÁS, political scientist, press officer and event coordinator at the Center for Fundamental Rights. She studied at Corvinus University of Budapest, speaks English and German. Earlier, she was responsible for PR activities and representation of interests at the Association of Hungarian Brewers.

Horváth József

József Horváth

Senior Security Advisor

József HORVÁTH– Major General (ret.), political scientist, Senior Security Advisor for the Center for Fundamental Rights. Formerly Deputy Director of Operations of counterintelligence and military intelligence. He has been publishing regularly since 2017. His first book saw print in November 2019. He is married, father of a son.