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The Budapest-based Center for Fundamental Rights (Alapjogokért Központ) is a Hungarian research institute dealing with legal analysis since 2013. The Center considers preserving national identity, sovereignty and Christian social traditions as its mission, especially amongst the 21st century’s heightened process of globalization, integration, geopolitical and technological changes, affecting the field of law as well. Besides these, it is a well-known aim of the Center to form a counter against today’s overgrown human rights-fundamentalism and political correctness that have been affecting numerous aspects of our everyday life. The research fields cover a wide scale of branches of law that are subject of public interest, from questions of classic constitutional law, through electoral systems to EU-law. It’s a common goal in all our different analyses and papers to find a healthy balance between individual rights and the interest of the society, while standing on the ground of common sense. Scientific activity is part of our daily life, various books and articles are published on a regular basis. Furthermore, it is to foster the development of individual talent. 



The Center for Fundamental Rights postpones CPAC Hungary

 In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the logistical and travel difficulties, the Center for Fundamental Rights announces that CPAC Hungary, an international conservative conference planned for the end of May in Budapest will be postponed.

As it was previously announced, the Center for Fundamental Rights, with the cooperation of the US based partner, the American Conservative Union and the Budapest based Matthias Corvinus Collegium started preparations for the first European iteration of the American conservative conference. The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is among the most famous American political events and its Hungarian counterpart had also planned to bring together conservative politicians, analysts and journalists form Hungary and abroad in order to discuss the challenges faced by the Western civilization and how to effectively counter global liberalism and a resurgent socialism.

Our shared values of Judeo-Christian culture, patriotism, sovereignty, the family, the created nature of man and woman and our commitment to life have come under relentless attack, which we can hope to counter only if we work together. Although the event had to be postponed (we hope to hold it in the fall) we have relentless faith in the international cooperation of the national conservative forces. We firmly believe that a national conservative awakening has begun in Europe, a Republican renaissance is taking shape in the United States and the “Conservative Revolution” can come together in Hungary.