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The Budapest-based Center for Fundamental Rights (Alapjogokért Központ) is a Hungarian research institute dealing with legal analysis since 2013. The Center considers preserving national identity, sovereignty and Christian social traditions as its mission, especially amongst the 21st century’s heightened process of globalization, integration, geopolitical and technological changes, affecting the field of law as well. Besides these, it is a well-known aim of the Center to form a counter against today’s overgrown human rights-fundamentalism and political correctness that have been affecting numerous aspects of our everyday life. The research fields cover a wide scale of branches of law that are subject of public interest, from questions of classic constitutional law, through electoral systems to EU-law. It’s a common goal in all our different analyses and papers to find a healthy balance between individual rights and the interest of the society, while standing on the ground of common sense. Scientific activity is part of our daily life, various books and articles are published on a regular basis. Furthermore, it is to foster the development of individual talent. 



The Center for Fundamental Rights and ACU Bring CPAC to Hungary

In the spring of 2022, Budapest will host the first iteration of the Conservative Political Action Conference – CPAC in continental Europe, Miklós Szánthó, the Director of the Center for Fundamental Rights – the host of the event – has announced during a press conference held together with Dan Schneider, the Executive Director of the American Conservative Union (ACU). The parties have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding related to the event.

Miklós Szánthó explained that the cooperation with the ACU has been ongoing for over two years, and last year he and István Kovács were present at the main CPAC event in Washington DC. The Director of the Center for Fundamental Rights added that the ACU is the largest American Conservative grassroots organization, and their flagship conferences have had every Republican president as speakers since CPAC’s inception in 1974. Today, CPAC is manifestly the largest and most influential Conservative gathering in the United States. “Bringing CPAC to Hungary serves a very clear ambition: to build a bridge for the Conservative Renaissance, revival across the Atlantic.” Our lifestyle is under persistent attack, Mr. Szánthó added, on both shores of the Atlantic. “Liberals and Socialists have launched a coordinated assault not merely on those opinions and views that they don’t like, but also on the family, the nation and the institution of national sovereignty as well: today, the West has ceased to be a zone of freedom, it has become a zone of undue respect for sensitivities.” But, since these totalitarian ideologies have exposed their most radical nature, a Conservative counter-reaction is taking shape. In the USA, CPAC is a symbol of this reaction. The leading politicians, thinkers, journalists, and influencers on the Right from North and South America, Europe, and Asia will take part in CPAC Hungary next spring, proving that national Conservatives can and will join forces and support each other globally. “The events held in recent years in Hungary demonstrate that we are one of the engines of the Conservative counter-revolution, and next year we will shift to an even higher gear,” said Mr. Szánthó in closing.

Mr. Dan Schneider, the Executive Director of the American Conservative Union mentioned that they have started the work of taking CPAC on the road 6 years ago. Conferences have been held in Asia, South and North America. “Several European countries have offered to host CPACs, but we at the ACU were adamant that that we would only take CPAC to a country that remains committed to national sovereignty and traditional values . This is why we consider Hungary to be a place with great potential for hosting a European CPAC,” the Executive Director added. He stressed these the Center for Fundamental Rights is an organization that has stayed true to national identity, sovereignty, and defending Judeo-Christian social traditions since its founding. “There is a crisis of traditional identity everywhere we look, and the only efficient response to this challenge is for US to join forces and return to our roots,” Mr. Schneider reminded at the end of his remarks.

Please find some photos and a video of our latest event: