Center for Fundamental Rights

The endorsement forms are unique and identifiable

The Center for Fundamental Rights evaluated the new regulations applicable to the collection of the endorsement forms related to the parliamentary elections. The Center concludes that the new endorsement forms afford an enhanced level of security in contrast to the previously used forms, taking into account that each of the new forms are unique and identifiable. As regards integrity, it must be observed that there are unique identification signs attached to each forms, such as serial numbers and seals – for which reason the forms cannot be corrupted. The forms must include the name of the candidate and their party, as well as the respective constituency, thus assuring the elector that their endorsement is provided to the intended political power – which was not necessarily the case under the former endorsement scheme. Moreover, while the former regulations required that all the personal data required for filling out the endorsement be sent together with the voting notifications, the new regulations amended the scope of data necessary for the endorsements, in consequence significantly restricting the possibilities for any abuses. Nevertheless, any abuses as regards the elections can incur severe criminal sanctions, considering that the new Penal Code extended the legal facts of voting crimes. Moreover, any abuses concerning the endorsements can simultaneously constitute, in addition to a crime against the order of elections, forgery of official documents, abuse of personal data as well as budget fraud.