Center for Fundamental Rights

Hungarian parliamentary the elections administrated according to OSCE

Center for Fundamental Rights welcomes OCSE’s final report on the Hungarian parliamentary elections establishing that elections were administrated efficiently and executed in an orderly manner. The report clearly underlines that election bodies functioned efficiently during the elections. Elections also offered voters a diverse choice following an inclusive candidate registration process. Election administration met all electoral deadlines, and interlocutors also expressed their confidence in the accuracy of the voter registers conducted and controlled by election bodies. OSCE also concluded that election day was generally conducted in an organized and transparent manner, candidate registration process was inclusive and election procedures were followed as well. Generally, the report comes to the conclusion that counting and tabulation processes were carried out in an orderly manner. Nevertheless the Center for Fundamental Rights would like to emphasize that beside the above mentioned sensible statements the report is consisted of numerous unreliable allegations and repeats the incorrect legal findings of OSCE’s preliminary opinion.