Center for Fundamental Rights

Top 10 mistakes of the Human Rights First-report

The Center for Fundamental Rights prepared a detailed analysis of a report published recently by Human Rights First. The report “We are not Nazis, but…” focuses on the domestic affairs and constitutional systems of Hungary and Greece. The Center for Fundamental Rights entirely agrees with the purposes of the report. Being a think tank engaged in protecting human rights, we deem it of utmost importance that in addition to the branches of government, also the civil society shall raise its voice against the spread of extremism. Policy institutes have enhanced responsibility in this context.

The role of such policy institutes is to throw light on the dangers imminent in such extremisms through the preparation of detailed analyses, and furnish proposals for the legislator as to how to tackle with these phenomena. In any event, we are of the view that it is imperative as well that any such action should take into account all reasonably available details and resources. Most notably in the case when a publication assesses the constitutional system or public policy of a respective country.

Having analyzed the report of Human Rights First, the Center for Fundamental Rights concluded that it contains several major inaccuracies, and draws consequences as regards the Hungarian constitutional system on the basis of factual errors. That is, inter alia, the comparison of the results of the parliamentary elections as well as the assessment of the changes to the voting system are based on false figures. Also, the analysis of the Constitutional Court’s right to review “cardinal laws” is factually unfounded.

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