Center for Fundamental Rights

The report by the OSCE on the Hungarian parliamentary elections

Following its previous fast analysis, the Center for Fundamental Rights prepared a detailed analysis of the report by the OSCE on the Hungarian elections, issued on July 10th, 2014. As we have already indicated earlier, the report contains several inaccuracies and mistakes. These may partly come from misinformation, or from the incomplete knowledge of the regulations. Thus, claiming discrimination with regards to voters abroad is based on misunderstanding the effect of “winner compensation” on the election results. Some claims are based on factual mistakes, such as the length of the presidential period which is 5 years instead of 4, as written in the report. In our present analysis we point out the 10 most serious mistakes of the OSCE report, attaching the respective laws and regulations that were ignored or misunderstood by those who prepared the report.  It is important to mention, that the OSCE report contains numerous criticisms, which are not corroborated by legal arguments. Our task is not to confirm or confute these criticisms. This time, as previously, we have only analyzed the legal aspects of the report and corrected the factual mistakes.

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