Center for Fundamental Rights

The country report of Human Rights Watch

The Human Rights Watch (HRW), an international human rights organization has recently published its report on Hungary, in which it heavily criticizes some aspects of Hungarian constitutional system. The report, relying on several times repeated and “recycled” statements, addresses the Hungarian media regulations, the Constitutional Court, suffrage, and also the issues of freedom of religion and rights of minorities.  The Center for Fundamental Rights the respective statements of the report from a legal point of view and compared them to the effective laws. Based on this, the Center concluded that the majority of the criticism are based on obvious factual errors and also on the gross misunderstanding of the relevant laws. Practically, the same false statements can be found in the report as in other similar analyses, such as the report of Human Rights First on Greece and Hungary, the so called Tavares report, or the article series of Prof. Kim Lane Scheppele.  The report incorrectly presents the election of the members of the Media Council, the changes of the Constitutional Court’s powers or the issue of suffrage of people with disabilities. Generally, it is apparent that several unreasonable statements have been maintained in the international public opinion, despite of the previous denials and the comprehensive revisions of the relevant laws.

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