Surprise in the Polish Elections – PiS prevails

The unexpected victory of PiS is the biggest surprise of the Polish local elections so far. While liberal forces continue to gain ground in Poland, maintaining the country's political divide, this serves as a springboard for the upcoming European parliamentary elections for our good friends. It is particularly noteworthy that there has been an increased support for PiS among young people and agricultural producers, which has helped our partners secure 33.7% of the votes.

The Polish-Hungarian friendship has a long history, a tradition that we currently consider important to maintain and nurture. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that alongside European and American heavyweights, the PiS, the party causing the biggest surprise in Poland, will also participate in CPAC Hungary on April 25-26.

„Law and Justice performed better than most polls (and Poles) expected and won. This success boosts the morale of Polish conservatives and shows that everything remains possible weeks before the European elections” said Sébastien Meuwissen, our Polish guest researcher.

Go, Poland! Go, PiS!