America First Policy Institute Center for Homeland Security & Immigration and the Center for Fundamental Rights

Mass, uncontrolled migration is a universal evil that violates the rights and harms the legitimate interests and well-being of all concerned: the countries of destination, the countries of origin, the transit countries, and, perhaps most egregiously, the migrants themselves. Despite this obvious truth, a vast ideologically driven network of forces has coalesced in recent decades under the banner of "open society" to perpetuate this evil. The America First Policy Institute (AFPI) and Hungary's preeminent political and legal research institute, the Center for Fundamental Rights, have joined forces to produce a policy paper that sets out the ambitious task of identifying the causes of mass migration, exposing its propagators, describing the tools they use, exploring potential solutions and the broader political-ideological-cultural background. The ultimate goal of the paper is the exchange and corroboration of two different experiences with a view to identifying ways of mutual applicability in order to ultimately end mass migration as a human evil.