Based on the latest statistical data, it can be stated that electricity and gas prices within Europe are still the second lowest in Hungary.

Even though, the left-wing and its propaganda are lying to Hungarians on daily basis, lies still can’t defeat the truth. The recent comparative statistical data published by the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority show, that us Hungarians pay one of the lowest prices for energy.

Electricity prices in Vienna are four and a half times higher than in Hungary, whilst it’s 5 times higher in Berlin, and five and a half in Rome. Meanwhile, for natural gas, people in Warsaw pay two and a half times more than what we pay in Hungary, while this number is 6 times more in Brussels, 8 and a half in Berlin, and fourteen in Amsterdam.

Accordingly, there is a utility cost cut, which protects the Hungarian people. However, even in today’s left-wing propaganda press, they praise the West. Although if the propaganda press were to write the truth, then you could have read about the great Hungary and the great Orbán government.