Tranzit is a large-scale, traditional get-together of the Hungarian right-wing conservatives, a political festival by the lake Balaton at the end of the summer. It serves as an opening of the political season every year, offering a number of interesting political debates and presentations of leading politicians and experts. Its motto "Community, tradition, freedom” covers all the main values it represents.  

Mr. Szánthó spoke about Hungarian strategy, Hungary’s place in the Western alliance system and Hungarian-American relations at Tranzit festival. 

As Mr Szánthó explained, the key to the Hungarian Right’s success is that unlike the EU, Hungary does think in a strategic way and has a clear vision of its short-term and long-term goals. 

Hungary is a committed member of the Western alliance system, regards the US, NATO and the EU as key partners. Paralelly, Hungary holds its national sovereignty dear, just as it has been doing so in the past 1100 years of its statehood. Keeping this historical fight up, Hungary resists both the woke ideologies coming from the West and the imperial pressure coming from the East.  

The fundamental guiding principle of the Hungarian foreign policy is to show respect to all countries of the Globe, but demanding mutual respect in return. 

Therefore it is not Hungary’s duty to comment on other nations’s internal affairs, especially not in the form of moral lectures. 

On the other hand Hungary does have a firm standpoint on key international issues: Hungary is standing on the side of peace and has been urging ceasefire eversince the war in Ukraine broke out. This standpoint makes Hungary rather unique within the EU, opposing the EU mainstream. Similarly, current actions in the international political field pushing the Russian Federation towards China is not beneficial to Hungary. In these challenging times, the main guideline for problemsolving is to follow the national interest. 

Being attached to and knowing your own history, your culture and being proud of it gives strength to any nation. That is exactly why woke propaganda tries to cancel it all, creates political amnesia, eradicates these helathy instincts from political elites. And that is why the Hungarian Right says no to woke propaganda, protects its traditional values, culture and its national sovereignty at all costs.