Tranzit is a large-scale, traditional get-together of the Hungarian right-wing conservatives, a political festival by the lake Balaton at the end of the summer. It serves as an opening of the political season every year, offering a number of interesting political debates and presentations of leading politicians and experts. Its motto "Community, tradition, freedom” covers all the main values it represents.

„The Hungarian flow means duty, and I like being in the Hungarian flow” -said PM Viktor Orbán at Tranzit festival. 

The difference between the Right wing and the Left-liberals is that while the former focuses on „us” and regards community, nation as the basis of our lives, the latter is self-centered, focuses on „me”, and can only think in international dimension. 

The Hungarian flow means duty, following the Hungarian national interest, rather than what international blocks dictate.

According to the PM being Hungarian is a competitive edge that helped Hungarian conservatives a lot in recouping the disadvantages caused by the decades-long liberal hegemony.

Mr Orbán emphasized that the existence of sovereign states guarantees a good life and a Hungarian way of life for the Hungarians. As to the upcoming European Parliamentary elections, it is a logical Hungarian interest that right-wing parties join forces on a European level, so that the so that the moderate center-right parties align themselves with the guidelines of the right, not the left.

This could be the key to the cooperation of sovereign states, which can replace the imperial logic and the pro-war fever with the peace-seeking sobriety.

Regarding Hungary’s ongoing battle with Brussels and international players, PM Orbán referred to it as the fight between “David and Goliath.” In this battle the key mission is to preserve the Hungarian identity and mindset. 

As the Prime Minister summarized: „We want Hungary to be rich, strong, and secure so that every country in the world will give us the respect we need to feel comfortable in the world. That is what we want because that is all there is to it. There must be a plan for this. If there was no plan, then why do we have politicians?”