Good evening, distinguished ladies and gentlemen,

On this pleasant evening, before dinner, I have decided to tell you only good news, given that in world politics we are all daily inundated with bad, worse and terrible news.

Before the good news, just to pique your interest, allow me to make a personal confession: my colleagues and I founded Fidesz in 1988, we've been in politics for thirty-six years, and we've seen a lot in that time. 

We have seen how the Bolshevik becomes a socialist and the socialist becomes a liberal; we have seen how politics that was called right-wing becomes left-wing politics; we have seen how doves of peace become hawks of war; we have seen how the anti-Zionists of the communist era become globalist Israel-phobes; we have seen how the Greens are transformed into reds without sickles and hammers; we have seen how politicians who call themselves centre-right, centre-left, liberal-conservative and conservative-liberal have changed their colours. So we have seen many things.

We have experienced that in politics anything can happen. In nature, for example, caterpillars can turn into butterflies, but in politics it can also work the other way round: butterflies can turn into caterpillars. 

Well, my dear Friends, the first good news is that in the great masquerade ball that we now call world politics, in the Western world - from Israel through Europe to America - the masks are slowly coming off, and reality is beginning to emerge.

The political ideological concepts still so important in nineteenth and twentieth century politics are being eroded and rendered meaningless, and increasingly only two very strong political grouping criteria remain in the Western world: normality and abnormality. 

The second piece of good news is that the overwhelming majority of people in the West - from Israel through Europe to America, everywhere without exception - despite all kinds of manipulation and disinformation, are still able to discern with pinpoint accuracy and crystal clarity the difference between normality and abnormality in all aspects of life.

And the next good news, my dear Friends, is that in Israel, in the United States and in every country in Europe, the proponents of normality are still in a strong social majority everywhere. 

Since 2010, Hungary has been proof that a societal majority of normality can democratically gain and maintain a political majority. And if Hungary has succeeded in doing this, then the societal majority of normality can succeed in becoming a political majority everywhere in the Western world by democratic means. 

However, one of the indispensable conditions for this is that we, the political representatives of normality, from Israel through Europe to America, join together and combine our will and our strength. 

Why is it necessary for the forces of normality to unite and act together globally, dear Friends?

Because the forces of abnormality are also acting against us globally!

The forces of abnormality want to destabilise the United States, they want to destabilise all European national states and the national state of Israel.

The forces of abnormality want to demoralize and dehumanize the American, European and Israeli people.

Why do they do this? 

Because they feel they have the power to create a new world order based not on the public interest, but on private interests, and specifically on their private interests.

They want a world order whose shapers are no longer the public powers with democratic legitimacy that embody the public will, i.e. the nation states, but the masters of transnational private powers.

But we, the forces of Western normality, from Israel through Europe to the United States, do not want such a world order! 

The forces of abnormality claim that God is but a myth, the homeland an illusion, the family a burden.

To us, the forces of normality, God, homeland and family are the sustaining realities that give our lives their ultimate meaning.

Dear friends,

In Genesis the first book of Moses, the LORD said unto Abraham, the forefather of the Jews, to ”Lift up now thine eyes, and look from the place where thou art northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward: for all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed for ever”. 

The United States Declaration of Independence states that "[men] are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, and Liberty." In 1823, Americans also declared that "America belongs to the Americans".

One of the founding fathers of the European Union, Robert Schuman, predicted of European democracy that "Democracy will either be Christian or it will not be. An anti-Christian democracy will be a parody which will sink into tyranny or into anarchy." 

Well, today the forces of political abnormality want to erase the God our Creator from the hearts of Jews and Christians alike. They want to erase the faith of Jews and Christians. 

They want to take America away from Americans and Europe away from Europeans in order to give it to George Soros and his associates.

They want to destroy the State of Israel so that they can throw it to their enemies.

They want to turn democracy into a dictatorship and our governments into the servants of the forces of abnormality.

Dear Friends, do we have enough reasons to take up the fight?

If we unite, if we think together, plan in concert and act effectively, we can defeat Luciferians everywhere!

Together we can defend our faith, our country and our families! 

May God give us all the wisdom, strength and trust in each other to do so!

Dear Guests! I wish you a pleasant evening and make yourselves at home in the European headquarters of normality, in Hungary!